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Where: Tbd
Posted by: Fresh Approach Fitness
When: Sunday Sep. 23 - 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM
What's Up?:
This is a more of a thought than an official "Social Hour."  Who would be interested in reading a book, choosing a venue, and then meeting every 6/8 weeks to discuss the book, then to discuss life?  (...we all know that's EXACTLY what happens at BookClub)  If there is enough interest, we will run this event with the first meeting to be held in the middle of September. Please provide suggesting with preferred days and times.  Who would like to suggest a book?  Send a message or let me know in class.
Suggested format:
- Someone selects the first book
- that same person selects the venue (house, coffee shop, restaurant, park, etc.)
- we all read the book, attend the meeting and then someone else selects the next book/venue
- we keep a record of which books were read and who hosted
Sunday, Sept 23 at 2-pm is a suggested start date.
Location is to be determined.
Book to be determined
Confirm your attendance and interest by adding your name to the guest list at

Phone: ,226-377-0799

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