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Where: Tbd
Posted by: Fresh Approach Fitness
When: Thursday Jul. 26, Thursday Aug. 30, Thursday Sep. 27, Thursday Oct. 25, Thursday Nov. 29, Thursday Dec. 27 - 8:30 PM - 10:00 PM
What's Up?:
Join us for Social Hour. There will be multiple non-fitness related social events throughout the month for members to participate in, adding another dynamic to the layer to the friendships formed at Fresh Approach Fitness. 

Get to know your workout buddies outside of fitness classes. Join us for apps and drinks on the last Thursday of the month- venues to change.  Spouses/ friends welcome.

Confirm your attendance and interest by adding your name to the guest list at

1st month at Roadhouse - July 26th.
2nd month at Legends - Aug 30th

Phone: ,226-377-0799

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